【LogStick_LS350-TH/LS450-T(K)】Application Software

We will guide the driver and the download software service concerning the product of our company.
Please read notes and software license agreement books before downloading software.


LogStick Application Software
LS350-TH/LS450-T(K) Ver 0.11e, Revised 2009/10(application350_450.zip 3.8MB)


Notice and Software license agreement


It is license free for Software and Manual in this homepage, but, copyright belong to the licenser.

Please do not modify and copy of software.
Please do not distribute the manual and do not modify and copy of the manual.

Use permission contract

Please read carefully software license agreement before software use. Following software license agreement will force and effect when you download the software

  1. Software copy right belong to OMC or licenser of OMC. Cloned copy of the software will belong to OMC or licenser of OMC that is according to the software contents
  2. OMC is grant non-exclusive software license for the purpose to the using of Osaka Micro Computer products relate to this software of user.
  3. OMC does not allow that user can not modify, revise, Reverse engineering, decompile and disassemble.
  4. Osaka Micro Computer is not guarantee the software this is suitable for specific purpose, any defect of the software.
  5. Osaka Micro Computer does not take any responsibility regarding direct or indirect damage or loss on this software
  6. User can not export the software without approval of government whatever direct export or indirect export.

Accept Download